Becoming A Consistent Golfer

When people use the term consistent golfer what do they actually mean? Most of us would assume that it means to be able to play golf on a regular basis right. But it’s not so. and to explain it in lay terms for the common man to understand it actually means that the golfer wants to decrease the variability from his/her game and be able to achieve a consistent core in his/her game of golf. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. That is why we hear most people complaining about the fact that they can’t become consistent golfers however hard they have worked towards it and tried.

So how do you go about achieving it?

First and foremost what you need to know is that even though it is the overall game that is considered when you are thinking of improving it you should always break it down and view it in different aspects. For example if it’s a problem with your swinging arc or if it’s a problem of how you approach your Srixon golf balls or even how you are holding your golf club might be wrong. Because only then you will know which areas you need to work. Because you overall score might be affected because of weaknesses only in certain areas whereas you might be scoring really well in other areas. So looking at the game by breaking it down will help you discover where your weaknesses lie.  And will help you work on those weaknesses rather than continuing to work on areas where you are doing well.

So you need to first figure out where you are going wrong and once you have identified those areas then you can come up with a plan to work on them. But first you need to prioritize those weaknesses as well. Figure out which of the weaknesses are costing you the most and start off working on them right from the beginning. But make sure you try to change the simpler ones along the way as well. For example if your current golf ball is not comfortable for you then try changing it to a better quality one like the golf balls for sale. These are little changes that you can make even while you work on the bigger problems. And I guess this method of problem solving can be applied to anything in our lives if we want to become consistent with any aspect of our lives. Like they say in order to become a better person we shouldn’t concentrate on our strengths but on our weaknesses.

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